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Simon Halliday – Piano, Guitar & Voice

Simon Halliday

Who am I?

I worked at A&C Hamilton’s at the age of 16, demonstrating and teaching keyboards and organs, then was trained and working with ‘Music For Families’ in Blackburn for 10 happy years. I also trained with the Yamaha Music School there, after gaining an associate diploma for organ playing from the Victoria College of Music.  I next attained a 2:1 BA Hons in performing arts from St. Martin’s College in Lancaster (now known as ‘The University of Cumbria‘). I passed grade 8 piano with ABRSM with merit.


I’ve worked as a ‘supporting artiste’ on various TV shows with people including Peter Kay and John Hannah. I’ve written, performed and recorded songs with voice coach/singer Kelly Sharp and I’m working towards an associate piano diploma with ABRSM.  I am the resident organist and choirmaster at St. Andrew’s Catholic Church, Cottam, and play for weddings and funerals.  I sing in the tenor section with the Lancaster Singers choir throughout the year and also work with soprano Angela Rubio on the publicity and marketing of the choir.  You can find our website here and our Facebook page here.

I also write and self-publish children’s fiction and am currently working towards a piano diploma.

How can I help you?

I created Legato Music School, Garstang, in 2014 with a vision to encourage the best music tuition and opportunities for people of all ages to develop their talents, learn new skills and gain new knowledge.  As a piano, keyboard and organ tutor I can offer lessons in these instruments up to grade 8 level.  I also teach music theory as part of the lessons, or as a separate lesson if you wish.  If you’d like to take exams then I will teach and guide you through the whole process, and if you want to play for performance, writing new music or simply for a hobby then I’ll be happy to take you on.  I take an open-minded approach in my teaching, which allows the right people to come to me for lessons.  Although younger people sometimes need discipline in order to achieve success, I always try to ensure that people find enjoyment in their learning, whatever their character, motivation or interests.  It can be hard in this day and age to focus on regular practice and long-term goals, but my students have proved to me time and again that it’s still very much a possibility!  Learning continues throughout life, and I want to help my students of all ages and abilities understand the richness and endlessly fascinating world of music, how they can appreciate it and play a part in it.

Richard Cheetham – Piano & Saxophone

Richard has gone from strength to strength with his commitment to music. Having started piano lessons and performed regularly at student concerts for the past ten years, he has also performed at Ripley High School concerts for five of his seven years as a student there. He is also a member of the Lancaster Priory Choir and a priory organ scholar. He was a member of Ripley’s concert band and numerous choirs for five years, and has also toured Germany with Ripley, playing piano and singing in concert for the past five years. He is now working towards grade 7 piano and grade 5 saxophone, and is keen to begin passing on his musical skills and enthusiasm to others.

Jonathan Raynor – Drums

Jonathan is currently continuing his studies with a degree in musicianshup at the British and Irish Institute of Modern Music in Manchester, and is keen to build on his teaching and performance roles. He performs regularly with various bands and churches in both live and recording sessions. If you would like to start drum lessons at Legato Music School, now’s your chance!

Kelly Anne Sharp – Voice


Who am I?

I’m a singer and Voice Coach with a qualification in Speech and Language Therapy. I have been working with voices for 20 years and I often hear people say that they wish they could just learn how to use their voice better. Whether it is for the benefit of singing, public speaking, teaching, presentations, or for use within their personal lives each one of these people can benefit from voice coaching.


I founded Voice Work to promote healthy voice use and to work with clients to develop vocal and related skills for both personal and professional development. My passion is empowering clients to use their voice in a more effective manner thus increasing confidence and enhancing performance.

How can I help you?

If you have a voice, I can help you! Your voice is something you can learn how to master – use it to influence, motivate, inspire, engage, inform, educate, and entertain. Your voice is amazing! Take a look at the services I offer for more information about how I can help you or contact me to discuss your options.

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