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Music For Fun Classes!

From Simon Halliday…

These classes were inspired by the great success of the Summer Music Courses at Legato Music School, Garstang in 2014.  The sheer joy, energy and enthusiasm of the families who came along spoke for itself.  I know that there’s a great need for music to be enjoyed as people are learning, and traditional lessons don’t always get the best results from people, no matter what age, ability or interest level they have.  The inspiration and enjoyment that music should bring is not always discovered, which is a great tragedy.  Obviously there is a time and place for all kinds of music education, but I want to offer more than just individual instrumental tuition.  Therefore I am running these ‘Music For Fun’ courses on a weekly basis, 10 weeks per term, with the following guidelines:

* They are weekly classes lasting 1.5 hours
* There is an open-minded appreciation of music
* Singing and instrumental skills are taught
* Theory is included as appropriate
* People of similar ages will be in the group, from 6 years to adults
* There will be between 3 and 6 people per group
* Each terms work will lead to a performance (unless not required eg. by adults)
* The only expectations are focus, enjoyment and good progress

Here are the terms & conditions of cost and lesson times:

* For a ten-week term the cost is £120
* Each terms fee is payable in advance
* If a student misses one of the sessions, no refund can be made
* If the teacher misses a session, there will be a replacement session or refund of £12
* There will be three performances per year, one to end each term, at an agreed time


Just call the music school on 01995 604792 for more info. or to make a booking.  If we’re busy teaching you can leave a message and we’ll reply ASAP.

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